Callie came to us on 10/20/16. She had been pulled from a puppy mill* just a week or two before. She spent 5-6 yrs of her life as a breeder, locked in a cage raising puppies, and now she is discovering the outside world.

At 5/6 yrs old she is discovering the world for the first time, and this is our blog rag about our adventures.

Cavaliers are an amazingly resilient breed and no matter how they are previously treated they learn to trust and love their human companions. And boy, it’s fun, overwhelming, a bit scary at times, and a lot of fun! Follow Callie’s adventures as she and I try to make it as a team in this “new” world.

Molly is not a recent rescue, at least not of the traditional kind, although she would argue Callie is saving her, too. She’s a freelance writer, blogger, nonprofit communications/media specialist, and sometimes tries to be a homemaker. Usually, she can be found on Petfinder.com, trying to secretively adopt the next animal into the family without her wife’s knowledge… not that she would care either, enabler!

**** A puppy mill is a large-scale breeding facility where female dogs churn out puppies for profit with little to no genuine care for the health and welfare of the dogs.

These dogs are left to live in kennels for their entire lives with minimal human contact. The females are bred every heat starting at 6-10 months, and their puppies are either sold either locally, online and at pet stores nationwide. ******

Stories from the life of a rescued puppy mill mama and sometimes, her cats. Dedicated to rescues other stories about rescues as well, particularly those from puppy mills.

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