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About Us!

Who we are and why I blog

Callie came to us on 10/20/16. She had been pulled from a puppy mill* just a week or two before. She spent 5-6 yrs of her life as a breeding female, locked in a cage raising babies, and now she is discovering the outside world. fullsizeoutput_bd8

At 6 yrs old she is exploring the world for the first time, and I blog about her experiences for the education of others who might consider purchasing from a pet store (PLEASE DON’T) or who may want to rescue a puppy mill dog too. I also blog about other Cavaliers rescued from various situations.

This blog is also intended to be personal advocacy against puppy mills, puppy farms, and the animal trade. Responsible breeders who health test generations, keep track of the health of their puppies if possible, and maintain small packs of Cavaliers are not included. These are the type of breeders to look for.

Charlie entered the picture as of May 22, 2017. Charlie is a puppy mill puppy, he is sweet, loving, and wild as anything. Charlie also has some of the problems that come with dogs from puppy mills. He has a minor heart murmur and luxating patellas or kneecaps that slide in and out of place.IMG_4384

Cavaliers are an amazingly resilient breed and no matter how they are previously treated they learn to trust and love their human companions. And boy, it’s fun, overwhelming, a bit scary at times, and a lot of fun! Follow Callie and Charlie’s adventures as they and I try to make it as a team in this “new” world.



Molly is not a recent rescue, at least not of the traditional kind, although she would argue Callie and Charlie are saving her, too. Molly is a freelance writer living in the wilds of Vermont with her wife, daughter, three cats and, NOW, two guinea pigs as well.




She has a regular column in two local newspapers focusing on awesome animals in the area. She has also worked in education, substance abuse prevention, other mental health areas, and with LGBTQ+ youth. Molly is eternally trying to finish her novel which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with animals.

**** A puppy mill is a large-scale breeding facility where female dogs churn out puppies for profit with little to no genuine care for the health and welfare of the dogs.

These dogs are left to live in kennels for their entire lives with minimal human contact. The females are bred every heat starting at 6-10 months, and their puppies are either sold either locally, online and at pet stores nationwide. If the puppies aren’t sold, they are auctioned off at puppy mill auctions. ******

The rest of the pack includes three cats:

Pippin on dog bed
Sweetest one of the three. Sometimes thinks he’s a dog!



Pippin – age 2





Solly and Callie
Solly’s our hidey-cat and it helps that he’s all black! He loves to snuggle with Callie though.


Solly – age 5






And the QUEEN bee

Leeloo Dallas Cat
She’s usually super sweet to humans, but can be a b$%^& to the other animals, so watch out for her tortitude! Also, this cat tower is HERS 🤣


Leeloo Dallas: Age 3.5







Our guinea pigs
Cuddles to the back, Ziggy to the front. Man, you should see the size of their cage!

And the latest additions, our other cavies, 2 one(ish?) yr old guinea pigs, Ziggy Stardust (or Ziggy Piggy) and Cuddles.

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Stories from the life of a rescued puppy mill mama and the second rescue, a puppy Charlie, who arrived seven months later. Dedicated to other stories about rescues as well, particularly those from puppy mills.

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