The Peeing Puppy and an Interview with Us

I have to apologize for the non-Holiday nature of this post. I should be doing one, but perhaps this will give you something to read and get a laugh out of amid any craziness. And, well, I’ve meant to catch up for a while!

Oh, Charlie…

Why is it that every post about Charlie begins with Oh, Charlie? Possibly because while you are incredibly adorable, you are also getting naughtier and naughtier.

Although this isn’t about you being naughty, this is about puberty😳!

Charlie was officially 10 months old on Friday and, being still intact, is right in the middle of major PUBERTY. He also weighs just over 11lbs, go Charlie!

First, though, I feel I must explain the reason he is still intact. After reading the various research, etc., I have come to believe it is much better for the dog to have their full set of hormones during their entire growth period. Given that Charlie has a luxating patella on each hind, the right being far worse, I was insistent about this when we adopted from the rescue, and they agreed with my reasoning.

But, about a month and a half ago, it started. Charlie’s always occasionally humped his toys, but this time it was a dog bed, and then, suddenly, he was peeing all over it.

I threw that bed away – it had seen a few puppy accidents and now a potential marking… it was done. He didn’t pee again in our house – that we saw. But, the occasional dark circle would appear on our upstairs rug.

Remember his bestie, the cat with whom he loves to play? Yeah, Pippin gets humped a lot, though he doesn’t seem to mind it. What?! I don’t know. Pip is a strange, strange cat, he’s a tri-color male, we are pretty sure he’s not all there.

But then he started humping Callie. She would let him but look terrified while doing so. I swear, she had PTSD moments, and I don’t use that lightly. We would catch him almost every time – not sure what happens when we aren’t here – and yell, to which he would immediately stop, thank goodness!

And the final straw was when I went to my ex-husband’s house to hang with our daughter out there as she had a school performance that evening and I brought the dogs. He has two dogs as well. One who is the most amazing Labrador in the world who we raised together in the early years, and one who is an aging pittie and does not like other dogs. She stays in another room most of the time.

I thought I watched him and kept him downstairs, but NOPE. He went and marked EVERYWHERE upstairs, and I’m fairly sure the Lab followed suit as he is want to do with just about any other dog.

I bought him a belly band diaper right before we brought our Christmas tree in, because, well, it’s a tree that suddenly appeared inside.

a belly band for the peeing puppy
The Belly Band

After watching him for a while he seemed fine with the tree, so we stopped having him wear the diaper except when we aren’t here.

But now it’s Christmas Eve, and we are headed to my parent’s for the night with the dogs, and then they are watching them Christmas night as we will be at my in-laws. The poor boy will be wearing his diaper for at least 36 hours (don’t worry, we will let him air out occasionally).

He hates it. It makes him act much more submissive and shy, and it’s apparently uncomfortable, in many ways he seems not to understand why he has it on.

Charlie looking sad
Why, Mom, WHY?!?

Oh, Charlie, your New Year’s present will be to visit the vet a little earlier than we planned and lose those walnuts – for a tiny dog I really do mean WALNUTS!

Ok enough about poor Charlie and his diaper/future vet visit.

I have to apologize for our radio silence again, this time it’s been because I have been working on our other Callie’s Wag blog in between Holiday preparations.

If you missed my mention about it before, it’s a new blog I write for a local news collective that has a broader focus – general animal topics, issues, and rescue, particularly local stories.

Anyway, recently, we were interviewed by our local public access TV station as part of a series to celebrate the Year of the Dog. It was wonderful! We got to talk about/show puppy mill rescues, dog love, and silly pup antics. Check out the full article.

Here is the interview, I hope you enjoy it!

24 thoughts on “The Peeing Puppy and an Interview with Us”

    1. Yes it can be really hard to stop marking. Luckily it seems to have stopped with the presence of the diaper at least so, here’s hoping. Of course, I grew up with terriers 😉 so Cavaliers’ are nothin’ in comparison to train!


  1. Sorry to hear about his luxating patella. We kept Beau intact until 8 months. Although a mixed breed, he’s part Anatolian Shepherd and we wanted him to grow as much as possible. It seems a good timing for us because we still avoided the worst of the hormones and behaviors. Good luck with Charlie!

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  2. Glad you waited on his walnuts for a bit!! There is new research talking about the benefits of later spay and neuter, but we are also mindful of pet overpopulation and we have gotten used to the spay and neuter paradigm. I really don’t like to see the super early ones, but I understand a shelter’s perspective. With a little guy like Charlie, adolescence will be shorter! (Just keep telling yourself that.)

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    1. I agree – I really don’t like seeing early spay/neuter on particularly when it routinely happens on rescue dogs at far too young an age. Definitely wanted those growing hormones! Lucky for us, being a small breed dog, he actually seems to be maxing out his height, etc. so we will not be seeing much more but filling out now.


  3. Sorry to hear Charlie has luxating patella. One of my cats, Delilah, also has it in both of her back knees. She’s had surgery on one to try to correct it, but it wasn’t effective 😦 Anyway, hope Charlie stops the marking behavior soon! Having a cat that’s done it before, I know how frustrating that can be!


  4. Oh, dear sweet Charlie we hope your surgery goes well! This post had me laughing at your antics. Adolescents years are difficult whether you are furry or human. Good news is you have many years until you are a senior, bad news, the belly band will probably return… Happy New Year!

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  5. Poor little Charlie! I hope everything goes well after his neuter. I’ve read that so many people are spaying and neutering dogs and cats earlier and earlier. I have very mixed emotions and opinions about it. My girls were both almost 9 months old before they were spayed because they were so small and Persians tend to develop slower. They had not had their first heat cycle yet.

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  6. Oh Charlie! Gusto is your age. We had that “discussion” at the vet about the family jewels and were advised to wait at least 4 years. Gusto’s patellas are just a little lax yet so we are adding supplements to help with the cartilage and bond strength. Charlie…stay within the pee pad!


  7. All I can say is, I’m so glad Charlie will be seeing the Vet! I think things will improve for everyone once the walnuts are gone, LOL! Some of my dogs have been spayed/neutered very early and some at 6 months+. From a health perspective I haven’t seen any differences, personally. There seem to be conflicting opinions about it, even among Veterinarians. Phoebe wasn’t spayed until we rescued her at approx. 5 years old or so. She has Luxating Putella too. So far it’s very mild, the Vet said we didn’t have to act on it as yet so we’re in a wait & see mode. I enjoyed your video, I didn’t realize both Charlie & Callie were mill rescues.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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