Round and round and round we go!

I can’t remember if I have said anything about it on here but, I have fibromyalgia (along with chronic pain and chronic fatigue – aren’t those part of fibro?) I was diagnosed when I was 29, 3 years ago, but I likely had it for a couple of years before.

What does this have to do with Callie or Charlie, you might be asking yourself. Nothing and everything. 

Fibromyalgia is not really understood yet by doctors or the public, heck, it’s not really understood by the patient who is experiencing it; it’s what’s often called an “invisible illness.” See the great spoon (energy) theory. Technically that was developed by a woman with Lupus, but she has spread it intending to be for all invisible illnesses.

Fibro affects those who suffer from it differently. It’s a nerve disorder of sorts. Some people get numb or tingling or sharp sensations in their faces, some get brutal muscle pain that spreads to their joints. I often suffer from “fibro fog” in which I struggle to think super clearly or say what I am thinking. The words are there, the images are there, but I can’t say them.

And then there is the worst, the flares. Sometimes when it flares up it’s just a bad neck/back/arms for me, but between the moving and all the activity this past month, my body shut down. I have spent the last three days in bed, getting up for food or to let the dogs out to go to the bathroom. I’m recovering, but that’s one of the things fibro does, it will slam you to the ground like a big wave if you don’t plan for rest times.

The dogs have been great, mostly happy to lie in the bedroom with me, especially now that they like to wrestle, but Charlie, as a 5-month-old puppy will do, is starting to go a little crazy. Yesterday, he purposefully antagonized our next door neighbor’s grumpy little Chihuahua TWICE, just so he could outrun her and fly back (I don’t even know how he got away from me the second time.) Thank goodness she’s a friend of ours!

I rescued this breed purposefully, not only out of my love for Cavaliers but because they can also either go or be mellow. I also knew that taking Charlie on meant a few years of craziness before the easy, mellow part – although he’s surprisingly good about that!

I feel like a failure when I hit this cycle again where my flares are so bad they prevent me from doing stuff with my dogs.

Charlie needs a regular training schedule. I can’t promise that. Callie needs to go on daily walks to stay a healthy weight and Charlie too, for weight as he grows, for exercise, and for energy. I can’t promise that either. I was able to when we got them, I was so good with Callie all winter and with Charlie this spring and early summer. And now… guilt

But then, right before we had to move, so many other things suddenly happened – mostly good, but energy-sucking none the less, and I’m back on the old carousel ride. 


Fibro, how I hate you.





And how grateful I am to have such a wonderful family who loves and supports me, and my fabulous dogs who may get cheated out of some things but are certainly spoiled in other respects! I just hope it’s good enough.


7 thoughts on “Round and round and round we go!”

  1. I am so sorry for all that you have to endure. I have a chronic kidney condition (100s of stones all day every day) so exercising my dog every day is often not an option either. We do the best that we can do……….as long as a dog is loved, played with, has Vet care and all of his emotional needs, they do quite well with indoor exercise. My Vet tells me this all the time when I feel guilty that I can’t always walk Dakota (plus, Dakota doesn’t love walks to begin with!)

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    1. OH MY, that is HORRIBLE! Kidney stones every day? I don’t know how you bear it. ❤️ But you are right, we do the best we can do. This evening Jess and I are taking them for a doggie date with the other Cavaliers, so that’s something. And their mom knows about my fibro so I can be me instead of trying to pretend to be “normal.”


  2. I imagine your dogs will understand, and you’ll all get through the tough times. I have a friend whose sister has fibro so I’ve heard what that is all about. I have chronic daily migraine, and in many ways my symptoms can be similar to yours (in fact, when reading I wondered if I’ve been misdiagnosed!, but I think they are both syndromes that affect the nerves, thus the similarities). Hang in there, get through the tough times, and get back at it when you can – that’s what I always do.

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    1. I have to take migraine meds for daily migraines so I get that! Those come either from my sinuses or nerves in my neck. It’s all a nerve game, isn’t it? I just read an article where they found they could actually test for chronic fatigue markers in the blood, perhaps soon enough we will all be truly “diagnosable.” But yes, that’s the carousel, hang in there and get back at life when you can!
      Good luck with your migraines, that’s horrible!


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